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Why Would They Want Your Product?

One of the biggest mistakes that floundering businesses do is that they think only about filling their coffers. They have almost no regard for their customers, which is quite a pity because it is eventually the customers that convert a business into a successful enterprise. Then there’s the other side of the story as well. There are some people who have their heart in the right place. They are aware that they have to provide good quality to their customers. They do that, even. But then they cannot make their target people understand that they are providing great quality. They lack expression. They lack the power to reach out.

A vital trait to succeed in any kind of business is the art of convincing people.

1-You have to convince people that:
2-Your product does warrant their interest. You have something to give them that others don’t.
3-Your product is better than the other products on the market.
4-Your product is laden with benefits that could make their lives easier.
5-Your product isn’t as expensive as others, or at least, it is great value for
the money spent.

When you bring these points across to your target population, you are sure to do well with your business enterprise. This eBook takes you through various methods that you can use to convince people into considering doing business with you.

But we shall spell out the best way here itself. The best way, of course, is to make people understand why they should think of buying your product. People should know what special things your product can offer them. They should understand why they should want your product.

Create the need. The business will follow
Look around. Even the big name companies use this strategy. They speak about the one unique feature that their product has, the one way in which they can fulfill a particular need. Even if 99% of the product is similar to other cheaper ones in the market, people are more attracted to the product that advertises itself better, as regards to how it can satiate a particular important need.

Social Networking

Social networking isn’t just fun. It is also your way to connect with your people.

Why social networking really works in today’s milieu is that it helps you to connect with your people. It is the new-age method that helps you reach out to exactly those people who would be interested in your product.

All social networking websites today have facilities where you can build groups or communities. In these places, you can promote your businesses to the hilt.
That’s because these people are already interested in knowing something about the stuff you are selling. By joining your group, they become a part of your circle. Or, if you join a group that already exists, you already have a good number of people to whom you can promote your product.

The best sites to socially network with people are the sites that have the highest
number of people. By that yardstick, the following sites are the best:-
Facebook ( )
MySpace ( )
Twitter ( )

But you could become a member of any number of such websites if you can manage to keep yourself up to date with them. Most of these websites have searchable databases where you can find people who would be useful to you.
Search them using relevant keywords. Once you get a list of such people, send them invitations. Those who join are interested in what you are going to tell them through the group.

Once you are a member of these sites, you can also search for already existing groups. It is a great idea to become a member of all such groups because it helps you know what people are talking about your business.

This also becomes an avenue for you to build contacts, if not business. You can see what people are really looking for and improve your product accordingly.
So, make the most of the social networking websites. There’s a lot of potential there to be unleashed on your business.

Making Your Emails Interesting And Useful:

There is a very thin line of difference between business emails and spam. Not only do you want your emails not to look like spam, but you also want to give them an effective punch so that people really take notice of them. Here are some ways in which you can do that.

Be very careful about your very first email that you send after a person signs in. This is the make-or-break email. When people opt in to your list (thus opening their inbox door for your emails), they are usually awaiting your first email. The first email will almost assuredly be opened and read. Now, if you provide them with quality stuff here, they are going to be impressed and will want to read your forthcoming emails as well.

Make sure you always provide quality content. There should be some information that is useful to the reader. It is best if you can highlight your information with headings and subheadings, use bulleted or numbered lists or do something similar to present your content well.

Do not raise expectations too much either. That will make the bar higher for your subsequent emails. It is enough if you give them one good thing at a time.

Give them something free with every email. It could be something as simple as a great reference website URL. You could also consider gift vouchers, free downloadable material, trial subscriptions, demo offers, etc.

Always make your emails interactive. Place several buttons on your email for people to click on and be diverted to your website. Again, a great website ensures repeated visits and, the nirvana of all email marketers, bookmarks! Make sure you concentrate on your website as much as you do on the emails that you send.

Concentrate on the subject line as well. This is one place where you rivet their attention, and they are going to see the subject line before anything else. Spell out the topic of your email clearly and make it clear to the people why they should spend time opening and reading your email.
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